Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care for a healthier baby & a better pregnancy journey.

We believe that life starts at pregnancy. We also believe that life doesn’t have to stop at pregnancy. Pain and discomfort can make it tough to keep going for pregnant mothers, which is exactly why we’re so passionate about prenatal chiropractic care. Because we understand the unique needs of your body and your baby, we’re able to give you the care you need so you can have a pregnancy that is more natural, more comfortable, and safer—all while reducing your risk of medical intervention during delivery.

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I’ve been going to Cornerstone since I found out I was pregnant and they’ve been amazing for me and my family. I would recommend them to everyone—especially if you’re pregnant!

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Rebecca M. | Prescott Valley, AZ

Prenatal Chiropractic FAQs

Chiropractic care helps you and your baby during pregnancy and delivery.

Babies and pregnancy have been around a lot longer than doctors, and we believe in the body’s God-given ability to heal and sustain itself. For that reason, we understand that our approach to prenatal chiropractic care is simply to guide and facilitate the body in what it naturally does.

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Yes! However, you should always consult your OB-GYN or midwife to see if chiropractic care is safe you personally. Assuming it is, mothers-to-be who are under our care can expect safe, effective prenatal chiropractic procedures. Not only do we maintain the highest standards and the very latest in chiropractic techniques and technology, but we understand the unique needs of your body and your baby when you’re expecting.

The Cornerstone family is a team of qualified, experienced, highly-trained specialists, while our chiropractor, Dr. Robert, is certified in the Webster’s technique by the ICPA (see above). In other words, we have all the skills, experience, education, and credentials that are necessary for handling the delicate health of a pregnant mother with all the gentleness and care you need.

The benefits are too many to name! But in short, chiropractic care can give you a more comfortable pregnancy, an easier delivery, and an overall healthier pregnancy. Here are some of the details:

Decreased Neck & Back Pain, Better Posture
As you prepare for labor and delivery, your body produces hormones called relaxins that relax and loosen your joints and ligaments. This hormonal activity may cause instability and pain in your spinal column or joints. Postural problems due to a heavier belly can also cause lower back pain for pregnant women, and you may even unintentionally curve your back as your baby becomes heavier and larger. Regular chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy can help alleviate back pain while protecting your body against poor posture and spinal curvature.

Reduced Nausea or “Morning Sickness”
Nausea during pregnancy—also infamously known as “morning sickness”—is one of the most common and uncomfortable symptoms of early pregnancy. Chiropractic care can help reduce nausea and vomiting for pregnant mothers by realigning the spine and improving overall nervous system function.

Easier Labor and Delivery
Getting chiropractic care during your pregnancy helps ensure the proper alignment of your pelvis, spine, and hips, all of which contributes to a stronger body and a well-functioning nervous system. Optimal nerve health and pelvic alignment can help facilitate a faster labor and an easier delivery, with less pain and less risk of complications.

Optimal Baby Positioning
One of the biggest sources of possible complications during delivery is your baby not being in a head-first position at the time of labor. When this happens, you can experience problems such as cord prolapse or difficult vaginal delivery, and you may even need a c-section. Regular chiropractor visits help maintain maintain your pelvic health and ensure that your body is optimally ready for delivery of your new baby.

Healthier Pregnancy Journey
Prenatal chiropractic care is not simply about pain management, but about the comprehensive, holistic aim of helping your body’s systems to function at optimal levels to improve your overall health, and to strengthen your body for the hard work of caring a little person inside of you for 9 months. The end goal of proper prenatal chiropractic is a healthier, safer, and more comfortable pregnancy.

A Healthier Baby
The healthier you are, the healthier your baby will be. When a pregnant woman has a strong and healthy immune system—which is what chiropractic care helps facilitate—the baby will also develop a strong and healthy immune system. Regular chiropractor care is a win-win for you and your baby.

*NOTE: It is important to keep in mind that our chiropractic care for pregnant mothers focuses solely on the mother and not the baby.

Yes! We have been certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) in the Webster’s technique for chiropractic care in pregnancy. For more information about the ICPA, click here. For more about the Webster technique, click on the next toggle.
The Webster technique is a specific approach to chiropractic care for pregnant mothers that focuses on sacral analysis and a diversified adjustment. The aim of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation (also known as Sacroiliac or “SI” joint dysfunction), facilitating neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis.

Sacral subluxation may contribute to difficult labor for the mother (i.e., dystocia), caused by inadequate uterine function, pelvic contraction, and baby mal-presentation. Correction of sacral subluxation may have a positive effect on all of these causes of dystocia.

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