Cornerstone Family Chiropractic owners Dr. Robert Boehland, DC, and his wife Andrea Boehland.

Our Story

The Cornerstone Story: Bringing sound, family-focused chiropractic care to Prescott, AZ

In 2015, the husband-and-wife team of Dr. Robert and Andrea Boehland opened the doors of Cornerstone Family Chiropractic in Prescott, Arizona. Since then, they’ve served active families in Prescott and the surrounding Northern AZ communities by providing first-in-class, wellness-based, preventative chiropractic care so they can keep being their best for the lives they live. Or, as they like to put it, they give active families the freedom to keep doing life. ¶ Scroll down to find out more about the Cornerstone story.

What We Believe: A Principled Approach to Chiropractic Care

We believe in families, freedom, love, and truth. We believe in doing good, standing for what’s right, and in serving those around us. We love the outdoors, and we love Arizona—especially Prescott, which is where we call home. Ultimately, we love Jesus Christ and we believe that everything we do is not to be for the praise of men, but to please Him and bring honor to His great name (Colossians 3:17).

We also believe that God is the Creator and the giver of all life, and that healing comes from life by God’s divine design. Dead things don’t heal—they don’t do anything—but the body heals itself, because healing comes from life. The body is designed with a natural intelligence that enables it to heal and maintain itself, which is why we are just facilitators. We don’t heal anything; we simply help the body do what it was designed to do. We guide and strengthen the body, helping to create the conditions that make health and healing possible, and then we step out of the way to let the body do its amazing, awesome work.

Discovering Chiropractic

Dr. Robert grew up in Phoenix with a blue-collar background and was a typical, active high school athlete. As a 17-year-old, he was coming off his third knee surgery and following typical medical advice during his recovery—impersonal, dry, clinical, mechanical advice. Providentially, during that time, Robert saw a chiropractor, who talked about the body’s ability to heal itself. This was new, not typical or expected, and it planted a seed in the young Arizonan’s mind.

As he worked through his own rehabilitation over the subsequent months—which was based not on medicine or doctors, but on naturally rebuilding his body’s natural strength—he began to think deeply about preventative health care. By the end of his senior year in 2008, his mind was made up, and he went to Palmer Chiropractic College in Iowa. “That’s when the passion took over,” Dr. Robert recalled.

“When I got to chiropractic college, that’s when the passion took over.”

Prescott chiropractor Dr. Robert Boehland

Dr. Robert Boehland

A Passion for Christ, Freedom & Families

After college, Robert moved back to Arizona with his young bride, and in 2015, the couple opened the doors of Cornerstone Family Chirorpractic in Highway 69 in Prescott. Their desire was simple: to help active families stay as healthy and strong as possible through education and preventative, wellness-based chiropractic care. Since then, they’ve successfully served hundreds of families in Yavapai County—which is obvious based on the 400+ 5-star online reviews they’ve received. And why the name Cornerstone? “Because Christ is our cornerstone,” says Robert. “Everything we have is what He’s given us, and we want His glory to be seen in everything we do and by everyone we serve.”

In a day when too many chiropractors over-adjust and are all too ready to become generalists or jump on the latest trend, Dr. Robert only practices chiropractic, and he uses the Gonstead method exclusively. Gonstead is a systematic, theoretical approach to chiropractic care that is highly-tailored to each individual based on that individual’s unique, observable needs. “If chiropractic isn’t specific, it isn’t anything. And Gonstead is the gold-standard of chiropractic care,” says Dr. Robert, confidently.

The Boehlands are thankful to be able to do what they love in the place they love to call home, and they have no plans of ever changing. If you’re looking for a principled, servant-minded, family-focused chiropractor who can help your family stay free so you can keep doing life, reach out to Cornerstone and schedule your next adjustment today.

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