Gonstead Chiropractic Care

The Gonstead Method: A chiropractic adjustment that’s tailored to your body.

Everyone is different, so why should any two people receive the same exact adjustment? You’re unique, and your body has it’s own unique needs, peculiarities, strengths, and liabilities. This is precisely why each adjustment for every single person should be tailored to their specific health needs at that particular time. Our approach to chiropractic allows us to do just that.

At Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, we use the Gonstead system of analysis exclusively. The reason why we love this system is because it’s so specific to the individual, it’s very accurate, and it allows us to really personalize chiropractic care for each and every single person that walks through our doors. Beyond all that, it yields amazing results.

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The customer service was absolutely amazing! I loved my experience and how in-depth and detailed they are. I’m so excited about rest of my family’s health journey with Cornerstone!

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A Personalized Adjustment

Providing you with a unique, individualized chiropractic adjustment that’s just right for you.

The Gonstead approach includes a four-point analysis that allows us to see exactly what’s going on in your body and what your individual treatment needs to look like as a result:

1. Static Palpation

This is the process of palpating (or feeling) your spine in a static (or stationary) position. Dr. Boehland will feel for the presence of edema (that is, swelling), tenderness, and any abnormal texture or tightness of the muscles and other tissues of your back.

2. Motion Palpation

This step in the process is not an adjusting technique, rather it involves feeling the spine while it is in motion. This enables us to determine how easily or difficult each vertebral segment in your spine moves in comparison to the others.

3. Visualization

Visualization is a tool that we use to be able to cross-reference all the other information about you that we use to provide you with the care you need—musculoskeletal details, medical history, health particulars, and your goals.

4. X-Ray Analysis

When necessary, x-rays allow us to visualize the spine in its entirety including joint and disc integrity, vertebral misalignments, ruling out any pathologies or possible fractures, and accounting for any other abnormal findings that may be present. These full-spine radiographs are taken in a standing and weight-bearing position to fully substantiate the examination findings. As we always say, to see is to know and not to see is to guess, and at Cornerstone Family Chiropractic, we are not going to guess when it comes to your family’s’ health.

5. Instrumentation

The instrument of choice in the Gonstead system of chiropractic is the Nervo-Scope, a simple, hand-held device that is gently glided down the length of your back and will feel like two fingers gliding down each side of your spine. The Nervo-Scope detects uneven distributions of heat along the spine which can be indicative of inflammation and nerve interference.

Re-thinking chiropractic by putting people first.

One of the unfortunate realities of the chiropractic industry is that most people have not received personalized, individualized care. For most chiropractors, a neck crack is a neck crack is a neck crack. But this is why Gonstead system is so important to us. It is this approach that enables us tailor your care to you specifically.

When you bring your family into Cornerstone Family Chiropractic for an adjustment, you can always have confidence knowing that each of you is getting the right adjustment at the right time.

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