Can A Neck Pain Chiropractor Help In Preventing Severe Ache?

October 28, 2022
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Your neck (cervical spine) is responsible for the coordinated network between your body’s nerves, bones, and joints. It also supports your head so it’s prone to injuries and conditions that cause pain and restricted range of motion.

Neck pain occurs when the muscles, joints, and ligaments become inflamed or irritated. Although it is usually minor and easy to ignore, it may become chronic. 

Many individuals seeking noninvasive neck pain relief choose to visit a neck pain chiropractor. Chiropractic adjustments (also known as spinal manipulation) are known to help in relieving neck pain and keep it from recurring.

Keep reading below to learn more about chiropractic adjustments for neck pain.

Common Neck Pain Symptoms and Causes

neck pain symptoms

Common symptoms include soreness, tenderness, or severe pain in your neck. Depending on the severity, the pain can cause some disruption to your daily activities. This is particularly true if you live an outdoor-intensive life and engage in rigorous physical activities such as trekking, boating, or hiking.

Other symptoms may include:

  • Headache
  • Muscle spasms in the neck
  • Stiff neck
  • Radiating pain from the neck to shoulders, arms, and fingers.
  • Trouble lifting or gripping objects

Common causes include:

  • Injury or accident
  • Degenerative disorders, such as osteoarthritis and spine stenosis
  • Poor posture
  • Muscle strain
  • Nerve compression

Signs to visit a neck pain chiropractor

Are you worried that your at-home remedies and prescription medications for neck pain may not be effective enough? Here are the signs to consider visiting a neck pain chiropractor:

  • Neck stiffness and prolonged pain that persists for more than a few weeks
  • Sharp or sustained pain when moving
  • No significant improvements were seen after taking over-the-counter medication
  • Neck pain caused by an injury or accident, especially if you were involved in a car accident
  • Pain radiating from your neck to your arms, shoulders, wrists, and other parts of your body.

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Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

neck pain

The number of people undergoing neck surgery every year has grown exponentially. Chiropractic treatment for neck pain has proved to be a safe approach and provides a no-injury alternative to prescription medication, with advice from your physician.

To improve mobility and restore function in the affected area, your chiropractor can make gentle and precise neck adjustments. As a result, you will be able to turn and tilt your head more easily and your neck pain symptoms will decrease.

Based on your specific needs, health condition, and goals, a neck pain chiropractor can customize a care program that may include chiropractic adjustments, mobilization, rehabilitative activities, or other appropriate techniques.

Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments for Neck Pain

  • Reduced pain, discomfort, and inflammation
  • Increased range of motion and joint mobility
  • Improved flexibility
  • Activity and lifestyle improvements

Is chiropractic safe for neck pain?

Numerous studies indicate spinal manipulation as a helpful procedure to relieve neck pain. It is a holistic form of alternative medicine focused on the spine and its impact on the brain, the nervous system, and the immune system. 

Chiropractic care for acute and chronic neck pain isn’t universal and is tailored to the individual’s needs and their physician’s medical advice. Clinical studies have found high-level clinical evidence that chiropractic spinal manipulation can reduce joint restrictions or misalignments. 

The procedure isn’t all about neck pain relief, though. Adding routine chiropractic care to your health care regimen is also advisable if you want to maintain good health and prevent chronic pain and conditions. So, when you experience problems with your neck muscles, for instance, your body is healthy enough to heal by itself without being fully dependent on medications and invasive treatments.

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Preventive Chiropractic Care for Cervical Spine

preventive chiropractic care

The human body has many self-regulating and self-healing capabilities, one fundamental part of this is the nervous system. The vital link between the brain of the nervous system and the body is protected by the spinal column.  

If the spine is misaligned, nerves can become pinched. This can lead to problems in essential communication within your body. You might experience symptoms such as pain, illness, and other signs that drain your energy, leading to negative impacts on your health. 

Chiropractic care is a holistic approach that focuses on spinal alignment, nervous system functions, and the overall health and wellness of the body. 

Doctors treat the symptoms of the disease, while chiropractors work to restore the body’s normal function so that the nervous system can function properly. The precise and controlled adjustment of the vertebrae aligns them correctly and reduces stress and swelling on the nerves.

The main goal of chiropractic care is not always to just “treat” symptoms but to prevent them. Chiropractors can help you strengthen your whole person, so your body can maintain optimal health naturally. 

Preventive chiropractic care not only gives you more freedom to stay active, but it strengthens your body so it can heal faster from potential injuries and illnesses.

The Gonstead Method

The Gonstead Method of chiropractic adjustment focuses on spine subluxations, a form of joint dysfunction due to displaced vertebrae. The technique’s goal is to provide gentle, accurate, and precise adjustments.

After the adjustment is complete, your body will be ready to start its natural healing process and function normally. This procedure is highly recommended for relieving or preventing neck pain.

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Get the Freedom to Keep Doing Life

Chiropractic adjustments, mobilization, and exercises can all help relieve neck muscle tension. These non-invasive procedures, along with your physician’s prescribed medications, can vastly improve your condition.

However, this doesn’t mean you can only get chiropractic adjustments when you’re in pain. Preventive chiropractic care is available for individuals who want to keep themselves healthy and prevent potential chronic diseases, including cervical spine conditions. 

Cornerstone Family Chiropractic sees a wide range of individuals with different health needs and goals. While we don’t focus on “treating” neck pain symptoms, our techniques are designed to make sure your body is healthy and strong, so when you have neck problems, it’s not for the wrong reason and your body can manage it.

For more information or to book a consultation, contact our Prescott chiropractic office.

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