Chiropractic Services: Health Insurance or Sick Insurance?

April 27, 2020
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One of the tests at your first chiropractic visit will be an X-ray

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Have you ever wondered about your health insurance and wondered why it covers some of the chiropractic services, but not all, or any of it?

This is probably the most common objection we run into when it comes to questions about starting or resuming care.

Section 2251.3 of the (Medicare Carriers) Manual states:

 “. . . a treatment plan that seeks to prevent disease, promote health and prolong, and enhance the quality of life, or therapy that is performed to maintain or prevent deterioration of a chronic condition is not a Medicare benefit. Once the maximum therapeutic benefit has been achieved for a given condition, ongoing maintenance therapy is not considered to be medically necessary under the Medicare program.” Medicare Carriers Manual

The Truth About Health Insurance

If you read that correctly, according to Medicare, they will not cover any service or treatment that is designed to promote health, prevent disease, and prolong life.

Wait, what? How does this make any sense? 

If Medicare and other insurances are “health insurance”, shouldn’t they be concerned with my health?

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

This is why we refer to “health insurance” as “sick insurance”. Insurances are only concerned and active when you are sick, ill, hurting, or in pain.

Once you are no longer sick, ill, hurting, in pain or you have plateaued in your health progression (known as MMI in the medical world), they will no longer consider you eligible for care.

When you begin to think about your health insurance the same as a home or auto insurance, it begins to make more sense.

Your home insurance is not going to cover things like pest control, painting the exterior or interior, or general roof maintenance.

Likewise, your auto insurance isn’t going to cover things like oil changes, routine servicing, wax, and detailing.

All of which can be argued will extend the life of your home and car as well as adding value. However, we don’t see home or auto insurance step up and help until when?

Only until there has been an accident or issue and typically once restored to the previous state is when they will be active.

Insurance for health services is no different. These insurance companies are designed to create customers not cures.

The good news is this is why we don’t just tell you to come back whenever you’re in pain. A huge portion of our chiropractic office is made up of folks in supportive and maintenance care.

Similar to maintenance on your home and care, supportive and maintenance care helps extend years to your life and life to your years.

It helps you enjoy a life of freedom from health problems and assists you to do the things you want to instead of doing the things you have to.

Dr. Boehland Explains Health Insurance vs Sick Insurance

Chiropractic is concerned and designed to help with the function of the human body, mainly the nervous system.

Obviously we can help with how you’re feeling too, or else many of you wouldn’t have ever stepped foot in our office.

But once we help get you better, we want to keep you better. This takes less time and money in the long run

Check out this video of Dr. Boehland explaining health insurance vs sick insurance

Improve Your Posture With Us Today

How’s your posture?

Currently, we are seeing a high volume of folks come in complaining of sharp, stabbing discomfort in both the upper back and neck accompanied with loss of motion and even numbness/tingling in the hands.

Screen time on average since March 1st has gone up 80% for most users.

This typically equates to an 80% increase in slouching, forward head carriage (looking down), rounded shoulders, and increased hump of the upper back.

All of which is correctable, not just with chiropractic but by fixing your “text neck” posture.

Here is a video of Dr. Robert and the Cornerstone staff explaining how you can help correct this posture and prevent future health issues.


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