How Do Chiropractic X-Rays Work?

September 30, 2022
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X-rays in chiropractic care are very common.

Are you struggling with constant neck pain? What about joint pain? 

When seeking chiropractic care, taking a series of x-rays may be required by the chiropractor during the initial evaluation. This will give a complete picture of your spine and neck before doing any spinal adjustments.

Learn more about chiropractic x-rays below.

Why Do Chiropractors Need to Do an X-ray?

Within chiropractic care, there is debate on the necessity of x-rays. On an initial examination, spinal x-rays are frequently labeled as “standard of care.”

However, the majority of musculoskeletal issues that appear in a chiropractic practice are straightforward mechanical dysfunctions that can be treated with movement or manipulation but cannot be seen on an x-ray.

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Some try chiropractic adjustment first, and if symptoms don’t go away, getting x-rays may be recommended by the chiropractor or your primary health care physician. When dealing with more complicated conditions, an initial x-ray analysis might be required.

A chiropractor will need to look at what’s going on beneath the surface in order to more accurately identify your ailment. One of the most often used diagnostic techniques in chiropractic care is the use of x-rays.

Your chiropractor will be able to better comprehend your situation by getting a closer look at what is going on, which will enable them to make a chiropractic plan that is more appropriately tailored to your condition. 

A few reasons why chiropractors take x-rays include:

Diagnostic Tools

X-rays are a tool chiropractors use to better understand a patient’s injury or condition. They utilize x-rays to be able to assist in identifying the precise area that might be experiencing problems and from which your pain is coming.

In order to effectively evaluate your issue, they will be looking for any spinal misalignment as well as any other associated ailments. Your chiropractor will be able to better understand the patient’s skeletal components and how a given procedure intervention could result in positive patient outcomes.

With the assistance of X-ray imaging, your provider will be in a better position to choose the appropriate procedure required for a complete recovery. Your overall health can be improved by learning about or discovering any further spinal problems that you may not be aware of.

It is critical to identify and address these clinical symptoms as soon as possible because doing so may help resolve any underlying health issues. Many times, merely realigning your spine can have a profound impact on how you feel.

Chiropractic Processes

When receiving chiropractic care for the first time, you should be aware that diagnostic testing makes up a large portion of the process.

To fully comprehend the situation and locate the cause of your discomfort, chiropractors may employ a variety of procedures. X-ray images give the chiropractor a better view of the patient’s musculoskeletal system.

An X-ray may show a chiropractor precisely what is going on in the body in terms of structure and alignment as chiropractic care includes spinal manipulation and other techniques that involve movement of the skeletal components.

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How Chiropractic X-rays Work

X-type radiation is essentially a focused form of electromagnetic energy that enables beams to penetrate soft tissue. In some ways, x-rays are comparable to wireless communication waves; however, x-rays use projected and reflected beams to see inside anatomy.

Although x-rays can pass through soft tissue, they reflect off of hard objects such as bones and teeth, which is why they appear white in digital imaging or on radiography film. On a grayscale, muscles, ligaments, nerves, and connective tissue can be visible.

How Chiropractors Interpret X-ray Images

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Chiropractic care is holistic, although practitioners place a particular emphasis on musculoskeletal issues that may be seen on x-rays. Let’s say you have been experiencing chronic lower back pain.

The subjective and objective findings of the chiropractic examination may indicate that a misalignment of the vertebrae is putting some nerve pairs under stress, but certain conditions must be ruled out before spinal manipulation is attempted.

If the x-rays show that there are unidentified growths directly on the vertebrae, this could pose a risk for manipulation. In addition to growth, there may be additional problems such as fractures that could make chiropractic care difficult.

When examining x-ray scans, chiropractors are interested in how the skeletal structure appears and whether it may be adjusted to relieve pain, enhance general health, and restore mobile function.


Is it Normal for Chiropractors to Take X-rays?

Yes, it is normal, as spinal x-ray findings may indicate any musculoskeletal conditions you may be experiencing.

Do Chiropractors Do X-rays First?

No, x-rays are not always necessary for all chiropractic patients. However, taking x-rays is one of the most crucial elements in more severe cases.

Prevent Chronic Conditions With Chiropractic Care

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