What Are the Signs You Need a Low Back Pain Chiropractor?

October 28, 2022
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Back pain is something that almost everyone has experienced at one point or another in their lives. Some cases go away in a matter of days, while others take longer to heal. 

According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), the USA has one-half of all Americans suffering from backache symptoms. No wonder why lower back pain is one of the top causes of disability and among the most common reasons for missed work globally. 

People seek standard treatment, such as rest, exercise, and the assistance of physical therapists. Others choose to receive professional medical advice, chiropractic adjustments, and other therapies that are advisable for their condition. 

If you prefer a more holistic way of preventing or relieving back pain, keep reading as this article will discuss the signs that you need a low back pain chiropractor. We will also discuss how exactly chiropractic adjustments can help with your pain!

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

low back pain

These are the most common causes:

  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Sudden movements can cause muscle strain
  • Poor posture
  • Extra weight
  • Sports injuries


Sprain and strain can both be considered acute low-back pain. However, if left untreated, it could become chronic low-back pain.

The following are common symptoms of chronic back pain:

  • Herniated or slipped disc
  • Pinched nerve
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Facet joint dysfunction
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Trauma
  • Arthritis
  • Compression fracture


Chronic back pain sufferers should seek medical advice and treatment, particularly if it has been recurrent for more than six weeks.

Physical therapy and massage therapy are two other options for back pain treatment. An emergency treatment plan is required for severe injuries or car accidents. To determine the best treatment for your condition, it is best to consult a healthcare practitioner.

Can Chiropractors Help With Back Pain?

Your low back supports your upper body and provides strength, support, and flexibility. However, it can also be prone to injuries and pain. Low back pain can be stiff, achy, or tense. This can be caused by bending in awkward positions, lifting heavy objects, or being involved in an accident. 

A chiropractor who specializes in back pain can help with musculoskeletal or skin conditions related to the spine. They can provide complementary and alternative medicine, as well as help prevent the pain from worsening or getting chronic.

Chiropractic care focuses on spinal alignment and adjustment. This helps in pain management and stimulates the body’s healing and self-regulating capabilities.

8 Signs You Need A Low Back Pain Chiropractor

chiropractic care

A back pain chiropractor can potentially help you if these symptoms persist for more than one week:

  1. Intense pain or discomfort, especially when you move
  2. Radiating pain from your back to your legs, or other body parts
  3. Leg weakness, tingling or numbness, muscle spasms
  4. Redness or swelling in your back
  5. Neck pain


Your chiropractor will discuss your current health status, what is causing your issues, how to treat them, and what chiropractic procedures can be used to help you.

Additionally, you may want to get chiropractic treatment if:

  • Home remedies aren’t working to relieve pain
  • Your primary care physician recommended chiropractic adjustment as part of your treatment methods
  • You are seeking a  more holistic approach to pain relief and avoid chronic pain in your back and other parts of your body

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So, How Do Chiropractic Adjustments Work as Back Pain Relief?

During your first visit, your chosen chiropractor will likely evaluate your back pain. This is similar to seeing a regular physician. You will be asked about your symptoms and medical history. 

The provider may order tests and chiropractic x-rays before recommending any necessary procedures, such as a lower back adjustment. 

To improve your mobility, spine health, and nervous system function, chiropractors use gentle, precise chiropractic adjustments (commonly called spinal manipulation). As a result, you will be able to better manage your chronic and acute low back pain.

The chiropractor can create a personalized care plan that incorporates multiple types of procedures depending on your individual needs and condition. Other than lower back adjustments, the chiropractor may also recommend spinal mobilization, rehabilitation exercises, and other appropriate techniques.

Read this guide to learn more about the process of chiropractic adjustments.

Common Methods Used by Back Pain Chiropractors To Relieve Pain

spinal adjustment

Manual Therapies

If a joint isn’t moving as it should, your chiropractor might use this technique to help restore motion. The patient’s joints can be manually adjusted using either an adjusting table or a tension table. This allows the patient to stretch and mobilize their joints, which can ease pain and reduce stress on surrounding muscles.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Your chiropractor uses this method to treat tight or sore muscles. It is common to use heat (to increase flexibility and reduce pain), cold (to prevent swelling or inflammation), and even cutting-edge treatments such as cold lasers in conjunction with stretches, trigger points therapy, and multiple forms of instrument-assisted therapy. Many chiropractors will use the equipment for physical treatment in addition to traditional chiropractic equipment.

Rehabilitation Exercise

The work of a chiropractor overlaps with occupational and physical therapy in some ways. He/she often helps patients restore range and strength. Chiropractors can recommend rehabilitative exercises to help strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine, alleviate pain, and prevent future injuries.


Chiropractors can also offer nutritional and lifestyle counseling to patients with back pain.  They might recommend changes to your sleep, diet, and exercise routine. They may also suggest ways to reduce your stress.

Find the Right Chiropractor For Your Chronic Back Pain

Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering from back pain? If so, you might be curious about how to find the right chiropractor. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Ask family and friends for recommendations.
  2. Check if the chiropractor is licensed by the state board of chiropractic medicine.
  3. Ask for the chiropractor’s background in back pain chiropractic care— their training, experiences, and techniques used.
  4. Consult with your chiropractor to discuss all of your chiropractic plan options.


Cornerstone Family Chiropractor can help your body restore its overall health to help you manage back pain symptoms. Our goal is to prevent the risk of serious complications and get you back to being healthy. This coordinated care is effective in many cases for better pain relief as well as improved function.

Visit our Prescott chiropractic office if you want to prevent any potential severe complications due to body pain.

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